Healdsburg firm Eddinger Enterprises, using local talent, will do the renovations. The hours will be 8:00am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday. If it becomes necessary for any Saturday work, the merchants in the vicinity will be contacted to ensure it doesn’t interfere with their activities. We will be mindful of any special events in the Plaza (i.e. Sidewalk sales) and not commence work on those days. There will be minimal disruption to traffic flow on Matheson Street during construction since the construction staging will take place in the back parking lot and on private property.

A new fire hydrant will be installed on Healdsburg Avenue and help with the city fire protection for the new buildings on Healdsburg Avenue.

Matthew Thompson, former city of Healdsburg arborist, will be on site when the front exterior improvements are constructed and during painting in order to help with mitigation measures regarding the existing street trees on Matheson St.

All staging and construction parking will be done from the parking lot located on Healdsburg Avenue to mitigate any potential construction congestion or disturbance.


Slide Deck presentation submitted to the City of Healdsburg

for approval February 12, 2019